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«Improval of transport legislation» (№1/2008)

Chief editor’s column

    From the Editor in Chief
    Belykh V. S.

News of science and business

    Larionov D. V.

Legal work on the businesses

    Tixonov D. N.

The theme of the issue:

    The concept of the unified Transport Code of Russia
    Belykh V. S.

    Moroz S. P.

    Kerezbekov K. K.

    Cheglakov K. V.

    Golovina S. Y.

    Bogdanov V. M.

Equity market

    Klinova E. A.

Invitations for discussion

    Mitin A. N.

Сomparative law

Comparative law

    Imbrenda M.

    Ystrebkova O. A.


    Belykh S. V.

    Contractual discipline as a basis for increasing business activity
    Gerasimov O. A.

Students science

    Volosov D. V.

Сriticism and review

Сonsultant plus



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