«Partnership of state and private businesses» (1/2009)

Chief editors column

    From the Editor in Chief
    Belykh V. S.

News of science and business

    On the concept of the draft Federal Law Of the property management
    Belykh V. S.

Legal work in an enterprise

    Legal nature of local act
    Krivchenkov A. S.

The theme of the issue: State-private partnership

    State-private partnership guarantee of modern market economy development
    Morozov O. V.

    State-private partnership the universal mechanism for the development of economy
    Fedorov E. A.

    State-private partnership: base principles and sphere of application
    Salikhov H. M.

    Theoretical bases of state-private partnership
    Tatarkin A. I., Romanova O. A., Lavrikova Y. G.

    State-private partnership in the system of mechanisms for realization of industrial policy
    Romanova O. A., Makarova I. V., Petrov A. P.

    From crises to reliability: the risk of banking crisis in Russia
    Rogachev A. Y.

    State-private partnership while subsoil resources reclamation of East Siberia
    Popov A. A.

    State-private partnership: legal form and socio-economic content
    Franz O. B.

    State-private partnership in the innovation sphere
    Sergeev A. M.

    Peculiarities of state-private partnership in subsoil use
    Polyanskaya I. G.

Law and Investment

    Partnership of state and foreign private investors
    Tsiganov S. I.

    Legal regulation of investment activity in Russia: condition and perspectives of development
    Salieva R. N.


    Economic Code of Ukraine protecting the interests of city communities
    Dzhabrailov R. A.

    The analysis of current situation of Russian enterprises in the coal sector
    Nechaev A. S.

    The tendencies of world derivatives market
    Kiselev M. V.

    The analysis of state of domestic agriculture in conditions of fierce and international competition
    Mitin A. N., Rozhdestvensky V. S.

    Monitoring of law enforcement practice
    Berg L. N.

    The notion and peculiarities of proceedings
    Sleptshenko E. V.

    Review of several changes, introduced into the Russian Land legislation in 2008
    Shikhaleva O. V.

    Features of object of infringement of copyright and related rights (art. 146 CC RF)
    Dikusar Y. S.

Higher School

    On the disagreement of the Tax Code regulations and those of the Civil Code with regard to R&D works
    Belykh V. S., Bublik V. A.


    The 50th Anniversary the rector of the Ural State Law Academy, professor Bublik V. A

Tribune of young scientists

    To the question of grounds for termination of right to permanent (unlimited) use of plots of land by legal persons
    Lavrova Y. M.

Students science

    Non-pecuniary component of the notion a security
    Pochezhertseva Z. A.

In Memory of a friend

    In Memory of a friend Doctor of laws, professor Bykov A. G.
    Bykov A. G.


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