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Chief Editor’s Column

    Chief Editor’s Column
    Belykh V. S., Editor in chief, the Doctor of Juridical science, Professor;
    Email: belykhvs@mail.ru

Development of entrepreneurial legislation

    Problems of drafting the Concept of Entrepreneurial (Business) Legislation
    I.V. Doinikov
    Email: igo4352@yandex.ru

    Legislation of Byelorussia about enterprise activity: the retrospective analysis and perfection ways
    I.A. Mankovski, S.S. Vabishchevich;
    Email: mia-65@tut.by
    Email: vcc@tut.by

    On Correlation of Institutional Essence and Economic Efficiency of Entrepreneurial Law
    T.T. Shiktybaev
    Email: toksanbi@mail.ru

    Construction Law as a Complex Branch of Law
    A.M. Lykshin
    Email: advocat-lykshin@yandex.ru

    The contract as the legal basis of the business association
    T.M. Zvezdina
    Email: zvezdina_t@sky.ru

    G.N. Shevchenko
    Email: sgn1959@mail.ru

Modernization of russian economy

    Russia in the Light of Modernization or a New Reconstruction
    V.S. Belykh
    Email: belykhvs@mail.ru

    Economic problems of development of domestic mechanical engineering
    B. Ya. Tatarskyh, N.A. Dubrovina
    Email: NADubrovina@yandex.ru

    About the purposes of state regulation of economy
    S. N. Shishkin
    Email: Sergey.Shishkin@ksrf.ru

    Institutional Aspects of Administration of Interaction of Sate and Business in Russian Socio-Economic System
    A.V. Aleynikov
    Email: av-aleynikov@yandex.ru

    On the Question of Provision of Small Oil Companies of the Russian Federation with Innovative Strategy
    I.Ph. Salihov
    Email: irek777@inbox.ru

    Economic and legal framework for realization of intellectual products` capacity in the research-educational sphere
    T.I. Volkova
    Email: randall@bk.ru

The system of law and the system of legislation

    The System of Law and the Legal System: the Similarity and the Difference
    Leushin V. I.

Education and law

    Theoretical Aspects of Realization of System Approach to Legal Support of Regional System of Continuous Education: to the Problem Statement
    D. A. Yagofarov
    Email: damir48@rambler.ru

Philosophy and law

    The Notion of the Legal Law as a Paradigm of the Legal Philosophy
    A.B. Gribakin
    Email: phil@usla.ru

    Vision Aspects of Natural Environment Protection
    E. U. Gaevskaya, O. V. Shikhaleva
    Email: ekaterinagaevskay@yandex.ru
    Email: bmpmag@mail.ru

The subdepartment

    Peculiarities of the Legal Status of the Russian Federation as a Subject of Civil Relationships
    R.R. Sadrieva
    Email: resida84@mail.ru

    The Agreement of Energy Supply on the Market of Heat Energy
    O.N. Yarkovaya
    Email: info@esecorp.ru

    The Specifics of a Medical Service as the Object of Civil Law
    A.R. Shahmiyatova
    Email: alinashr@yandex.ru

    Organizational and legal aspects of management inventional activity of employee
    V. V. Golofayev
    Email: vvg0001@mail.ru

    On change of Employment Agreement terms on remuneration
    O.N. Grebeneva
    Email: O.Grebeneva@serovmet.ru

    Financially-legal regulation of the relations connected with application of procedure of increase of capitalization of banks
    G. G. Pilikin
    Email: ukf@r66.ru

    Issues of Administrative Responsibility for Organization and Conducting of Gambling in the Guise of a Stimulating Lottery
    A.A. Tomtosov
    Email: tomtosov@mail.ru

    Legal aspects of currency operations in foreign economic deals between universities
    A. V. Gubareva, I. V. Slivkin;
    Email: ashipova@mail.ru
    Email: slivkin_iv@mail.ru

    Dynamics of contractual regulation of private security service activities
    S. A. Sharonov
    Email: 27927@zos-v.ru

    Armed Violence as a Political and Legal Category: the Essence and the Basic Features
    R.T. Faizrhmanov
    Email: rafnt@mail.ru

Judicial practice

    The Tendencies of Judicial Practice Development in Modern Judicial System of the Russian Federation
    Yu. V. Skvortsova
    Email: juliaskvortsova@mail.ru

Comments and reviews

    Review to the text-book «Introduction into Labor Law and Social Security Law» by V.Gril and H. Raip
    Shaihatdinov V.Sh., Silkina E.A.


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