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Chief Editor’s Column

    Chief Editor’s Column

Economy, policy and law

    Potential of Russian cities’ system-link development: from programproject strategies of territory development to agglomerations .
    Tatarkin A. I. tatarkin_ai@mail.ru

    The nature and main key towards effective state investment policy
    Vladimirov S. A. ideal_ideal@mail.ru

    Sergeev А.M. asergeev@k66.ru

    Shafir А. M. shafir07@mail.ru

    Kruglov V. V. v-kruglov@inbox.ru

    Shaihatdinov V.Sh. spgms@mail.ru

    The currency clause in contracts as a way of overcoming inflation losses
    Степанченко А. В. a.step72@gmail.com

    Modern trends in the development of Internet – commerce in Russia
    Губарева А. В. ashipova@mail.ru

    Лисовская В. В. artem101000@ya.ru, Pysina M.L. ter38@mail.ru

    The apportionment of the burdens in case of tax controversy about the legal qualifi‐ cation of taxpayer’s income and transactions
    Rakov I. A. i.ruckov.soeb@gmail.com

Тribune of young scientists

    The procedure for conducting the functional analysis by the russian company in relation to the foreign recipient of royalty in the application of the concept of the beneficial owner of income
    Balakina Z. V. z.balakina@bk.ru

Tribune of young scientists

    Political and economic preconditions for the formation of the legal circulation of insider information legislation
    Сибякин А. Е. a.sibyakin@mail.ru

    Серебруев И. В. i.v.serebruev@gmail.com


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