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The article is prepared by results of author report discussion that was done at the General assembly of Public sci‐ ences department, RAS (26.03.2014). It is suggested to develop more actively available, but still untapped potential of Russian large cities – millionaire cities, urban centers and other large cities by creating on their base agglomerations which are able to become innovation centers of regional development and interregional connecting. The Institute of program‐project development, explored on the examples of Yekaterinburg, 13 millionaire cities and some smaller cities becomes the second direction of involving latent and still underused potential of large and smaller cities of the Russian Federation. Strategic plans of socio‐economic development of agglomerations are used as organization «clamp» between forming agglomeration and pro‐ gram‐project development. It is used the author methods of quality and effectiveness estimate of urban strategies of socio‐ economic development. The role of urban societies in the development, realization and assessment of strategic plans is showed in this article.


Potential of cities, agglomeration, urban strategic plan, program‐project development of cities, regions, municipalities, quality, effectiveness, assessment of Strategy, role of urban societies.

Potential of Russian cities’ system-link development: from programproject strategies of territory development to agglomerations .

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