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A innovative methodology for creating your country of vennoy‐investment program for a longer period – up to 33–40 years old, consisting of a hard («kvantirovannyh») series of investment projects at all levels and areas with socio‐eco‐ nomic‐social activity, differing only by strict, pre‐established state, the numerical values of a limited number of indicators of economic efficiency of public investments, which are harmonious balanced relationship with the approved high state of the Russian Federation, the body managing the national economy national parameters (discount rate), which characterizes the minimum requirements of society to the effectiveness of investment projects, the numerical value of which is determined by the author’s method, in conjunction with forecasts for economic and social development of the country, including the pace of economic growth.


Macroeconomics, State, investments, efficiency, balance, setting national minimum general‐stvennoj efficiency investments, programs, projects, regulation.

The nature and main key towards effective state investment policy

Vladimirov S. A. ideal_ideal@mail.ru

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