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If the subject of economic relations of energy supply is not the resource itself as a material form, but the energy it contains, measured, as a rule, in special units of reference fuel, then any relations of energy supply, whether it is the rela‐ tions built on the model of supply or the relations built on the model of delivery, extend to the sphere of consumption in one form or another. Energy supply is defined not only by extention of relations in the sphere of production (supply) to the sphere of energy con‐ sumption, but also by the reverse process – participation of the energy consuming entities in production of energy and, hence, extention of competence of consuming entities to the sphere of production (supply). Economic and legal process of energy supply is, in fact, cooperation, joint activity of energy producing and energy consuming entities.


Energy; energy resources; the subject of economic relations of energy supply; energy consumption; cooperation of producer and consumer of energy resources.

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